La realidad del Cambio Climático

1 septiembre 2014
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1 septiembre 2014, Comments 0
  • Nos han llegado dos invitaciones del Climate Reality Project que lidera el ex Vicepresidente de los EEUU Al Gore.
    Una es para el Evento a realizarse el 16 y 17 de septiembre de 2014 -24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope- para celebrar la innovación y el progreso en soluciones para la crisis del cambio climático que están ocurriendo a lo largo y
    ancho del planeta.. .
    La otra es para participar en la Marcha del pueblo por el Clima, The People’s Climate March, a realizarse en New York el domingo 21 de septiembre de 2014, para demandar acción pronta y concreta de los líderes mundiales que se reunirán en esa ciudad el 23 de septiembre para el UN Climate Summit.


When the majority of climate stories making the headlines these days are all about dire scientific reports and devastating weather events, you could be forgiven for stocking up on survivalist kits and teaching yourself candle-making techniques.
But what’s rarely in the news is perhaps the biggest story of all: we’ve come to a turning point on climate change. Yes, the challenge is complex, the threat is very real, and if carbon emissions continue unchecked and temperatures keep rising, the picture of the future we’re looking at isn’t a pretty one.
Here’s the thing, though: today, we have the choice to do something about it.  Today, the cost of renewable energies keeps plummeting year after year. Today, major financial institutions are recognizing that fossil fuels are a dangerous bet and beginning to divest. Today, leaders of some of the planet’s biggest polluters are recognizing the real consequences of coal and implementing cleaner alternatives.
It all adds up to a moment where the tide is turning in our favor. We can stop climate change before rising seas swallow our cities and droughts leave our farms in the dust. We can create a healthy and sustainable future powered by clean energy. What’s missing isn’t the know-how or the desire. It’s the popular determination and the political will.
We decided it was time to tell the world and grabbed the biggest megaphone we could find: our signature 24 Hours of Reality global broadcast. Taking place on September 16—17, 24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope will celebrate the innovation and progress in climate solutions happening all across the planet. Hosted by former Vice President Al Gore, each hour will highlight a new milestone and reason to be hopeful about solving the climate crisis; from the smart growth strategies now guiding cities everywhere to the ways renewables are helping to increase energy access and combat poverty for millions.
To tell these success stories, we’ll feature presentations from Vice President Gore, conversations with cultural icons and activists like Mark Ruffalo and Wanjira Mathai, reports from the field, and town hall-style discussions with audience members like you. In between, musical performances from artists like Jack Johnson, Colbie Calliat, and Jason Mraz give hope a lively beat.
This year’s 24 Hours of Reality isn’t just about telling success stories. It’s also about writing new ones. We’ll use the program to kickstart a year of concerted action as each hour invites viewers to dedicate a day in the following 12 months to making a difference and working for climate solutions. For some audience members, this will mean joining hundreds of thousands of Climate Reality supporters in pressuring global leaders to commit to major greenhouse gas reduction goals at the U.N. For others, it will mean pitching in with the work of partner organizations around the world. For still others, it will mean taking initiative and organizing new actions in their own communities.
Regardless of how activists spend their day, the cumulative effect will be to put millions in motion working for climate solutions across continents. All at a time when world leaders are negotiating a new framework for global action. Right when entrepreneurs, engineers, and innovators are making renewables affordable, accessible, and ready to power our economies in the twenty-first century. Twenty-four hours that begins 12 months to change the world.
Now that’s a reason for hope.


It’s time to change everything.
On September 23, world leaders are meeting in New York City for the U.N. Climate Summit to address the climate crisis that affects us all. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is urging governments to support an ambitious international agreement to drastically reduce the carbon pollution driving global warming.
Now it’s up to us to make our leaders seize this opportunity and back an agreement that protects our planet and creates a sustainable future for everyone. That’s why we’re joining over 650 other environmental groups, businesses, unions, faith communities, social justice organizations, and others to peacefully flood the streets in historic numbers and demand action on the Sunday before the U.N. Climate Summit.
It’s time to change everything. We need everyone on board. RSVP below if you can join us on Sunday, September 21 in New York City.
New York City, Sunday, September 21
WHAT: The People’s Climate March
WHERE: New York City
WHO: Thousands of climate activists
HOW: By foot
CONTACT: Jamie Whalen at


Sugerimos revisar la publicación de Al Gore, de Julio de 2014, en la revista Rolling Stone.

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